Vases in the interior and landscape design

Chinese porcelain, and along with it, Chinese vases throughout history, were perceived as something completely mysterious, however, as all eastern
February 22, 2017
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Vases in the interior and landscape design

Decorative vases made of natural stone – one of the most ancient interior items. Stone vessels have decorated the dwelling of man since ancient times, symbolizing the cup of abundance, giving all earthly goods.

The world is known for amazing stone vases found in Saqqara in the Egyptian pyramid – they are thousands of years old, but it seems that the vases have just come out from under the master’s hand.

Designers note that stone vases emphasize the beauty of the stone in its pure form – the polished surface does not require any decorations, drawings or gilding.

Now masterfully made products of different shapes, sizes and colors represent various historical art styles. Stone vases for the garden, made in Greek and British styles, are always in vogue fashion; they fit organically into oriental, Italian and French gardens. Recently popular floor vases austere design and regular geometric shapes – in the style of high-tech and minimalism.

Street flowerpots made of stone form and complement the appearance of park ensembles, country houses, terraces and gazebos. Stone vases adorn the protruding elements of the facades of houses. In addition, vases are practical: they are used as a club for fresh flowers and herbaria.

Vases of stone in the interior emphasize respectability, material well-being and taste of the owners. This is a simple way to improve the interior: decorative vases become a bright accent or a finishing touch in the design, giving the rooms coziness and harmony of forms.

Vases fit perfectly into the halls, spacious corridors or living rooms of residential premises. Also, stone vases are organic in the spaces of offices, business centers and restaurants, they emphasize the overall architectural idea.

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