Ancient Greek vessels. Ceramic vases, vase painting

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July 15, 2017
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Ancient Greek vessels. Ceramic vases, vase painting

Ancient Greek vessels served as a container or container that was intended for the storage of liquid, wine, fruit, etc. They were used by the ancient Greeks in religious ceremonies, in everyday household needs, to store food.

These were the most common objects of the ancient world and to this day they are found during excavations, in places where the ancient settlements of the Greeks were. The most famous and valuable of them are: “Franzis vase” (Florence Museum), “Portland vessel” (British Museum), “Derveni crater” (Thessaloniki Museum).

The art of making vessels appeared during the Neolithic era, between the 3rd and the 5th millennium BC.

The first vessels were made of stone, marble or alabaster, but these materials were quickly abandoned due to the complexity of making them. Most often, for the manufacture of vessels, the ancient Greeks used clay, not a few were vessels of metal – bronze, silver, gold.

Ceramic Vases

From the Neolithic and in subsequent periods, in the manufacture of ancient Greek vessels, the use of clay increasingly begins. The manufacture of clay vessels prevailed in all prehistoric peoples because of the abundance of raw materials and ease of making objects. Art or household products made of clay, kilned or dried in the sun, were called ceramic.

For firing clay, on the slopes were built of stone furnaces of various sizes, for different types of vessels, the process itself lasts about 10 hours.

In IV millennium BC the potter’s wheel was invented. The ancient potter’s wheel was made of wood, it was durable and heavy, twisted by his pupil potter, listening to his team.

The ancient Greeks created clay vessels with great imagination, depicting scenes from everyday life on them. Greek pottery was very famous, even outside of Hellas. The ceramics profession was honorable, in Athens, there was a large area called “Ceramics” where potters lived and worked, by the way, in our time, this area has the same name. From the drawings in ancient Greek ceramic vases, we learned a lot of information about the daily life of the ancient Greeks, religion, mythology, theater. All life was depicted by the Greeks in drawings on ceramic vases.

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